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Reham Khan replies to ex-husband legal notice

Reham Khan replies to ex-husband legal notice.Anchor­person Reham Khan has released as unjustifiable her first previous spouse Dr Ejazur Rehman’s case which he made in a legitimate notification.Through the notification served on Ms Khan, Mr Rehman had requested that her pay him 100 million rupees and present a composed statement of regret for professedly harming his notoriety.Ms Khan purportedly made defamatory comments against Mr Rehman amid a meeting to a TV channel.Reham Khan

Reham Khan replies to ex-husband legal notice

Advocate Khurram Hashmi answered to the legitimate notification in the interest of Ms Khan on Monday, saying that Mr Rehman’s case was unjustifiable. As per the answer, Ms Khan had talked in her meeting about aggressive behavior at home as a rule and it was not particularly about Mr Rehman.

It, then again, said that claims against Mr Rehman of having been included in abusive behavior at home won’t not be outlandish and the same could be confirmed from the legal record of British courts

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