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Probe into BKU attack: Committee recommends removal of vice chancellor

Probe into BKU attack: Committee recommends removal of vice chancellor.PESHAWAR: A truth BKUdiscovering board of trustees set up by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to direct an investigation into the Bacha Khan University (BKU) assault has required the evacuation of the college’s bad habit chancellor and security incharge.

In the wake of finding the two in charge of “genuine slips in the security administration” of the varsity that brought about the strike that asserted 21 lives, the panel reasoned that, “not a solitary [security] viewpoint was dealt with,” as per a duplicate of the report, which is accessible with, and which has been submitted to KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak.

Board of trustees discoveries

Incapable CCTV cameras

Security staff untrained and insufficiently adjusted

Nonappearance of SOPs

Absence of coordination

Probe into BKU attack: Committee recommends removal of vice chancellor

The three-part board of trustees involving Commissioner Peshawar Dr Muhammad Fakhr-i-Alam, Regional Police Officer Mardan Saeed Wazir and Special Secretary Higher Education Department Ghafoor Baig discharged its discoveries in the wake of experiencing accessible record and in the wake of recording oral and composed proclamations of the BKU staff.

By overlooking security advisories, “the college authority fizzled its understudies and representatives at all levels”, the report keeps up.

“Futile” CCTV office

Over the span of the request, the board of trustees found that deterrent efforts to establish safety including perception posts at “all the structures” were set up and CCTV cameras were introduced at different focuses along the limit mass of the college.

In any case, because of a nonattendance of a focal control space for checking, the “establishment of cameras was rendered futile”. Furthermore, the working of all cameras is “dicey”, the request report said.

It further said that when the advisory group examined the site from where the terrorists scaled the grounds divider, the CCTV camera covering that spot was discovered confronting the wrong bearing.

Untrained security staff

The security staff at BKU was not well arranged and upwards of 50 for each penny of them were observed to be missing on day of the assault, the report said.

Out of an aggregate quality of 59, 29 security faculty have been chipping away at every day compensation for a “lacking” entirety of Rs320 a day, the report said.

The vast majority of the security staff at BKU were regular citizens and not appropriately prepared while the chief of security himself is a PhD specialist, “who is neither an expert security individual nor prepared for the occupation”.

Missing SOP

The BKU security organization did not have the preparation to handle circumstances like one of a terrorist ambush, the advisory group expressed in the report, and standard working strategies (SOPs) for both routine and terrorist assaults were missing.

Due to absence of an appropriate security system, “no planned or sorted out reaction [to the attack] could be set up”, the report said.

“The entire circumstance was being taken care of separately by security monitors conveyed at the resthouse and later on in the young men’s inn.”

Absence of coordination

The holding of a mushaira (verse recitation) that was planned to be held at the varsity because of Bacha Khan’s demise commemoration on the day the assault occurred had not been composed with the area organization, the request uncovered.

The report cited the BKU enlistment center and chief organization as saying that such capacities are orchestrated by offices all alone and data on them is typically not imparted to the neighborhood organization or police.

“This is in spite of the way that the college was issued rehashed advisories by the police,” the report said.

One and only syndicate meeting

The board of trustees said the BKU organization was not able keep up security guidelines in spite of the way that the senator/chancellor had issued particular directions to all bad habit chancellors in the result of the Army Public School assault.

Amid the previous one year after the APS disaster, one and only meeting of the college syndicate was called and that too for spending plan endorsement.

The issue of security was not displayed before the syndicate subsequently endorsement was not got to make presents all together on contract master security work force, the request report said.

Evacuation of VC, security incharge

Considering them in charge of the security slips by, the board of trustees has required the evacuation of BKU Vice Chancellor Fazal Rahim and Security Incharge Ashfaq Ahmed.

The advisory group inferred that since Director Security Dr Muhammad Shakeel performed his obligation on the assault day and spared understudies from two terrorists in spite of having no aptitude in the field, he was not in charge of the omissions.

The council has suggested contracting security protects on a changeless premise and giving them satisfactory preparing and weapons.

It has likewise required the foundation of a legitimate control room and CCTV system so prompt reaction can be guaranteed in crisis circumstances.

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