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PPP minister named in NAB corruption reference

PESHAWAR: The National Accountability Bureau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on Monday documented a reference against 10 individuals, including previous commonplace pastor Nawabzada Mehmood Zeb, blaming them for PPPexacting lost Rs355.2 million to the exchequer while recompensing the lucrative mining contract to a lady teacher.The charged are previous mines and mineral improvement pastor and PPP pioneer Nawabzada Mehmood Zeb, previous specialized training and minerals secretary Shah Wali Khan, previous extra secretary of the office and current Bannu official Asamtullah Khan Gandapur, segment officer Farhad Ali, representative chief of the office Khan Badshah, geologist at the directorate of mines and minerals Nauroze Khan, senior overseer of mines and mines magistrate Ziarat Khan, then executive authorizing of minerals office Shakirullah, aide executive (suit) of mineral division Pervaiz Khan, and the affirmed front man of Mehmood Zeb, Ehtishamul Mulk.The charged were captured by the NAB on July 9.

PPP minister named in NAB corruption reference

Later, the Peshawar High Court rejected the safeguard petitions of five of the charged including Mehmood Zeb, Ehteshamul Mulk, Khan Badshah, Shakirullah and Nauroze. It however allowed safeguard to the five denounced.

In the reference, the NAB charged that Mehmood Zeb in intrigue with alternate suspects had abused his power in illicit portion of 500 sections of land of demonstrated store of phosphate to a lady teacher, Rukhsana Javed, who wrongfully uncovered phosphate as a team with the front man of the pastor and together made misfortune the national exchequer

It claimed that Sarhad Development Authority (SDA) held a range of 1200 sections of land of phosphate under Mining Lease from 1985 to 2005. The territory, it is included, was surrendered in 2005 and was required to be put through open closeout according to Mining Concession Rules (MCR) 2005.

The NAB said in an unlawful way, the then pastor directed a meeting on Jan 1, 2009, wherein the recompense of the planned mining permit to the lady was chosen.

It included that Mehmood Zeb marked minutes of the said meeting two days after the lady made an organization with his front man on Jan 19, 2009.

The NAB claimed that the forthcoming permit of the zone was given to her consequently of the trivial measure of Rs15,000, which was the permit expense, however the site had demonstrated stores of phosphate.

The NAB guaranteed that a neighboring site, which had additionally demonstrated stores of phosphate was rented out digging for Rs118 million, which indicated how misfortune was caused to the exchequer.

Likewise in the day, the NAB, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, documented a reference against five individuals including a region councilor of Chitral and a previous divisional woodland officer, blaming them for embezzling so as to cause lost Rs70.5 million to the exchequer backwoods assets of the sovereignty holders in Chitral.

The blamed in the reference are locale councilor Prince Khalid Pervez, who is sibling of MNA Prince Iftikharuddin; previous Chitral DFO Gulzarur Rehman, who is currently partner educator at the Peshawar Forest College; and three others including Noor Shahideen, Rehmat Karim, Malik Shaye.They all were captured on Aug 20.

The NAB said on the protest of eminence holders, it had started a request which uncovered that under the approach of the timberland division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the sovereignty ought to be conveyed to sovereignty holders of the area similarly through the joint woods administration advisory group.

It affirmed that the suspect, Noor Shahideen, had made a fake JFMC and falsely made himself its director through the conspiracy of other denounced and that the suspects later purportedly stole cash through the mind boggling keeping money exchanges.

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