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Om Puri in Pakistan – “indigenous majority has no grudge against ‘Pakistani’

Om Puri in Pakistan – “indigenous majority has no grudge against ‘Pakistani’. LAHORE: Veteran Indian actor Om Puri, referring to an incident of lynching in Dadri, India, where a mob attacked a Muslim family, called shameful going through your country.

Mr. Puri is currently in Pakistan in a three-day visit to attend International Film Festival, organized by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW), was talking to the media at Alhamra Art Centre, The Mall, Thursday.

Om Puri in Pakistan – “indigenous majority has no grudge against ‘Pakistani’

Om Puri in Pakistan - "indigenous majority has no grudge against 'Pakistani'

Talking about cow slaughter in India, the actor said he wanted to put a ban on cow slaughter in the country were hypocrites. “We export meat to earn dollars from it,” adding that even as a controversial issue should fanned, nor any of the provocative and misleading statements may be given in this regard.

When asked about the singer Ghulam Ali, who had to cancel his performance in India in the middle of an extremist wave there, Mr. Puri he is saying it regretted the incident should not have happened.

Pays tribute to Lahore He said the governments of both sides should not be afraid of such attitudes, adding that about 80-90 percent of people in India were secular and are held without any grudge against the Pakistanis.

He said that the Indians saw Pakistan as an extremist country often say that if that was the case, then why were bombed schools and mosques there (in Paksitan). In India, he said, not all segments of society were violent, and added that there were certain people deceived in both countries which participated in such heinous activities.

“I call on all those deceived into leaving the roads leading to hatred,” he said. Om Puri in Pakistan – “indigenous majority has no grudge against ‘Pakistani’

“Allah has warned against taking the lives of innocent people, why is the human being such elements behave like animals,” he asked.

Asked about Lahore, he said India and Pakistan had been a country Lahore would have been the center of the film industry rather than Mumbai. “Lahore is a historic city,” he added. Om Puri in Pakistan – “indigenous majority has no grudge against ‘Pakistani’

Asked about the cricket between India and Pakistan, Mr. Puri said the two countries should not stop playing cricket. RPTW he appreciated for their efforts in promoting art and culture and the celebration of festivals.

Indian film director, producer and writer Madhur Bhandarkar, who made films like fashion, the traffic signal and Chandani Bar, said he was excited about his visit to Pakistan. Om Puri in Pakistan – “indigenous majority has no grudge against ‘Pakistani’

He said films always connected people. He said that both Pakistan and India had incredible talent in singing, acting, directing and other fields. He was also given a prize at a ceremony later by veteran film actress Zeba Pakistan on behalf of RPTW.

The films to be screened on the first day of the festival were: “My Son the Fanatic,” Noor, Chandni Bar Shorts were also selected for the occasion.. ‘Visa policy Obstacle film companies’: Producer Madhur Bandharkar [For our newspaper reporter] 1

Indian film director and producer Madhur Bandharkar says visa policy is an important collaboration between India and Pakistan obstacle. In a Q & A session at the International Film Festival on Thursday he proposed a communication unit between Pakistan and India. Artistes of both countries must be part of that cell for discussions on collaborative projects.

Indian actor Om Puri said that politicians must show films made by social activists so they could fully understand the social issues. He said that there were times in Hindi films had a mix of Urdu, Hindi; However with the passage of time Hindi films somehow lost the richness of the language.

Usman Pirzada said North Indian cinema had more opportunities when the joint ventures. The language of cinema in northern India was mostly Hindu. Music and themes were similar to Pakistani films. He said Pakistan reopened in theaters with the screening of Indian films like Pakistan film industry was going through a rough patch.

He said projection of Indian movies brought new software and the latest technology for film screenings. ZEBA: movie actress Zeba said that Indian and Pakistani films should be examined in the two countries on an equal basis. She was talking to the media at the international film festival in Alhamra.

She said, “Om Puri is a great artist and we welcome you here in Lahore.” She praised Rafi Pir Theatre Workshop for the promotion of art and culture. Om Puri in Pakistan – “indigenous majority has no grudge against ‘Pakistani’

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