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Israeli PM dog bites political visitors

Israeli PM dog bites political visitorsIsraeli PM dog bites political visitors,JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s as of late embraced puppy Kaiya has sunk her teeth into her new position, gnawing two guests at an occasion on Wednesday, including the spouse of the representative outside pastor.

At a flame lighting function to check the Jewish celebration of Hannukah, the 10-year-old blended breed likewise took a clip at an individual from parliament from Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Knesset Member Sharren Haskel, a veterinary medical attendant, rejected the episode, telling Army Radio it was “trifling”.

Netanyahu’s child took the pooch in from a salvage home prior this year. The head administrator posted a photo on Twitter in August asking puppy sweethearts to search out grown-up canines to receive, saying “You will love it!”.

Israeli PM dog bites political visitors

Kaiya has met a few dignitaries, including US Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry is accepted to have gotten away unharmed.

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