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Dr Asim Hussain’s remand extended for five days

Dr Asim Hussain’s remand extended for five days. The counter terrorism court (ATC) on Monday developed the remand of previous petroleum pastor and PPP pioneer Dr. Asim Hussain by five days, with the court sending Hussain over into police guardianship.

The Investigation Officer (IO) Altaf Hussain had requested that the court develop the remand of Hussain for an extra five days with a specific end goal to finish the progressing examination.

Amid the court procedures, Hussain was asked by the managing judge on the off chance that he had an announcement to make as he was available in an “open court and he was sheltered in the premises.”

Dr Asim Hussain’s remand extended for five days

Dr Asim Hussain's remand extended for five daysHussain talked in court and expressed that he was afraid for his life and that he didn’t know where he was kept while in guardianship of security strengths.

“I ran with the Rangers intentionally when the Rangers touched base to take me into care,” said Hussain.

“The arguments against me for treating terrorists in my medicinal offices are false and ridiculous.”

He included that he was being subjected to mental torment while in the guardianship of security powers, which was impeding to his wellbeing as he experiences various wellbeing issues. Dr Asim Hussain’s remand extended for five days

“I was made to sign records that I didn’t know about while in care,” claimed the PPP pioneer.

Taking after the end of his 90-day preventive confinement on November 25, Rangers had given Dr Asim over to police in the wake of cabin a body of evidence against him for purportedly treating and harboring terrorists at North Nazimabad and Clifton branches of his healing facility at the command of pioneers of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the PPP.

Dr Asim Hussain’s remand extended for five days

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The counter terrorism court had remanded Dr Hussain in police care for four days.

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Amid the court procedures, a contention emerged between the Sindh prosecutor general and the Rangers prosecutor over the time of remand of Dr Asim, Dawn daily paper reported.

The Rangers prosecutor contradicted the four-day detainment, saying Rangers had requested a 14-day confinement in the remand paper submitted in the court, however the Sindh PG had crossed it out and requested a four-day detainment.

The inside service has additionally included Dr Asim Hussain’s name the Exit Control List (ECL), as indicated by sources.

As indicated by points of interest, the choice was taken after the solicitation of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Seize is a piece of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) framed to explore Dr Asim’s claimed debasement and his part in dread financing.

The previous petroleum priest was captured by Sindh Rangers from the workplace of Higher Education Commission in Clifton on August 26, 2015.

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