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Civil society members arrested for protesting at Lal Masjid

Civil society members arrested for protesting at Lal Masjid. ISLAMABAD: Civil society delegates were gotten by police from Lal Masjid, where they were Civil society members arrested for protesting at Lal Masjidarranging a challenge, and moved to a police headquarters to maintain a strategic distance from a standoff circumstance with the mosque’s pastors that happened a year ago, authorities said.

A year ago’s standoff prompted the enlistment of two cases, one against Maulana Abdul Aziz and the other against the dissidents.

Authorities of the capital police and organization said that Rangers and police contingents were additionally sent in the region to keep away from any disaster.

At first, considerate society delegate Khurram Zaki met with capital organization authorities where he was gotten some information about the challenge. Authorities said the dissent was arranged against Lal Masjid and its previous pastor Abdul Aziz, who did not censure a year ago’s Taliban assault on the Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar, and requested that move be made against him.

Police, capital administrator authorities guarantee the dissidents were evacuated to maintain a strategic distance from standoff

They said Mr Zaki then left for the challenge site joined by five others, including his wife and little girl, and came to Lal Masjid while Zuhr petitions to God were being offered at the mosque.

Police authorities present at the area endeavored to persuade him to either move the dissent far from Lal Masjid or deferral it until individuals inside the mosque had left, authorities said. They said the common society individuals declined and were in this manner taken to the close-by Aabpara police headquarters.

They said that capital organization authorities additionally attempted to contact Mr Zaki on his portable, and after that endeavored to contact his companions, including somebody from Karachi who arranged a comparable challenge a year ago.

Civil society members arrested for protesting at Lal Masjid

Authorities said that organization authorities were later educated that Mr Zaki and five others were at the police headquarters, and soon thereafter an organization authority came to the station to ask about the issue.

Authorities said that Mr Zaki told the authority that they had been captured, yet the police had educated the right hand magistrate that they were conveyed to the police headquarters in the wake of being expelled from Lal Masjid in light of the fact that petitions to God were being offered at the mosque and there was huge danger that a standoff may result.

“They were expelled from that point, yet the organization authority was educated that they were not captured,” authorities said.

They said that the police headquarters’ records were additionally checked, however no confirmation of their capture was found. They said that the dissidents left in the wake of staying at the station for 60 minutes.

Then, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan considered the charged “capture” of the common society delegates, and as per the announcement issued by the service, required the suspension of those that captured them.

The priest asked that the police authorities be recognized and suspended, furthermore requested a report on the occurrence to be submitted to him.

Whenever reached, Mr Zaki told Dawn: “We were captured and my wife was additionally mauled.”

He said the police had no body of evidence against them and did not expand on our wrongdoing when inquired.

Mr Zaki asserted the common society individuals were confined at the police headquarters for 60 minutes and a half before being discharged, and soon thereafter they came back to Lal Masjid to proceed with their challenge.

“It appears individuals holding banners for Daesh and the Taliban can remain at Lal Masjid, yet those conveying the national banner are not permitted a vicinity there,” he said.

He guaranteed: “There are a few individuals in government’s positions who don’t need activity against them.”

He said Lal Masjid was picked as the challenge site on the grounds that it has turned into a point of convergence for radicalism and terrorism.

“Explanations for Daesh and the Taliban were issued from that point.”

Civil society members arrested for protesting at Lal Masjid

“A year ago, Maulana Abdul Aziz declined to denounce the assault on APS furthermore legitimized the demonstration,” he said.

He included that Mr Aziz’s capture warrant had as of now been issued however he had not been captured. He included that the dissent was arranged to denounce the APS slaughter, the Taliban, terrorists, their facilitators and Mr Aziz.

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