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Pakistan, India should resolve the issue of Kashmir: Imran Khan

Pakistan, India should resolve the issue of Kashmir: Imran Khan.LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said both Pakistan and India ought to determine long-standing issues, especially the Kashmir issue and advance in creating heartfelt relations and fortifying exchange to ease destitution on both sides.Imran Khan PTI

Conversing with the media at Lahore air terminal upon his arrival from India on Saturday, where he went on a welcome by Indian chief Narendra Modi, Mr Khan said there was no other choice left for Pakistan and India yet to determine debate.

“The pioneers of both nations ought to choose they will no more let any component disrupt the peace process for the purpose of prosperity of the poor on the both sides and also in other neighboring nations,” he focused.

Needs resumption of cricket too

Mr Khan said there were individuals on both sides who keep impeding the peace process for their personal stakes.

“The pioneers of both nations ought to have greater vision and win profits from quiet and warm relations for the advancement of their people groups,” he said.

Alluding to previous remote pastor Khurshid Kasuri’s book, Mr Khan said he told the Indian head that at one purpose of time Pakistan and India had come to near determining the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan, India should resolve the issue of Kashmir: Imran Khan

The PTI boss said he additionally raised the issue of predicament of minorities in India and told Mr Modi that its effect was likewise felt in Pakistan and focused on that the Indian administration ought to give a reasonable message to end victimization minorities. He said the PTI additionally trusted that minorities were equivalent nationals and be given equivalent rights. He said that he additionally contended that Pakistan and India ought to keep playing cricket in light of the fact that it brought people groups on both sides closer and that would in the long run diminish strain between the two neighbors.

Mr Khan lamented that India and Pakistan kept pointing the finger at one another for terrorism acts in the two nations. Asking the two sides to push ahead with “greater vision”, he said, China had lightened neediness through making peace and fortifying exchange.

Later, Mr Khan went to the PIA representatives’ dissent show and guaranteed them of the PTI’s full backing.

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